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How Is Concrete Leveling Done in Savannah?

When it comes to concrete repairs, leveling is often the best solution. Concrete leveling can save you up to 80% of the cost of total replacement. The process takes about two hours and can be used immediately. However, if you have a larger area to level, the process may take longer. It is still a cost-effective solution to concrete damage. If you have a small spot that needs to be leveled, a few pounds of self-leveler will be sufficient.

Benefits of Concrete Leveling in Savannah

Leveling your concrete slab can help prevent further damage to the floor or foundation. It can also help stabilize sunken concrete. A professional will use a mudjacking pump to lift the slab. This process involves injecting lightweight soil-like material under the concrete slab. After it has been injected, it is compacted to fill in any voids and raise it to the desired level. If done properly, concrete leveling is often a far better option than replacing the entire slab.

Lifting concrete can be expensive, depending on its weight and the amount of material needed. The cost of polyurethane foam depends on the soil temperature, but if the temperature is lower in the northern parts of the country, it means more material will be needed to accomplish the same job. The more material a contractor uses, the higher the cost per pound will be. So, it is wise to consult with your concrete leveling specialist before hiring anyone.

When it comes to residential areas, this process is particularly important. Without concrete leveling, the floor can sink and begin to shift into one direction. When this happens, you may be unable to use the floor in the area due to this problem. Once the floor is leveled, you can easily install a new one. This process can help you get the perfect floor with minimal expense and hassle. The best thing about concrete leveling is that it can make your floor look brand new again.

How Leveling is Done

When it comes to concrete leveling, you may be wondering how the process works. Essentially, it involves drilling holes into the concrete slab, and pumping a leveling material through them. This leveling material stabilizes the soil beneath the slab and raises it to the desired level. The process is less expensive than replacing the concrete, and it can make a difference in the look and safety of your home. Once you know more about this procedure, you can decide whether it will be a good option for your home.


If you’re looking for a fast, effective method of lifting a sunken slab, you can try mudjacking. This method involves pumping a cement-based slurry beneath the slab. Unfortunately, mudjacking is not very reliable and can cause the slab to settle again. The mudjacking material also requires large holes in the concrete, which can cause further weakening of the slab. This technique requires a professional.

This process uses a polyurethane or other polymer that expands when it is combined with a water-based adhesive. The resulting foam expands to lift the sunken concrete to the same level of the surrounding concrete. This process is a fast and effective way to level a sunken slab. A professional contractor will make sure that the work site is clean afterward, and all remaining holes are filled.


The technique of raising concrete is centuries old. A professional can do it with the same hydraulic lift technology that lifts cars. First, the leveling technician will drill holes through the sunken slab, and then pump a mud-based mixture underneath the concrete. The filler material will raise the slab to the desired height. The raised concrete is then patched to prevent the repair process from being too expensive. Compared to the cost of replacing concrete, the process of lifting a slab costs about half the price of a replacement. If you are looking for professional residential and commercial concrete leveling give us a call today at 912-325-9709

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