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Stamped Concrete is a low-cost and attractive alternative to bricks and paving stones. It also requires less maintenance. Stamped Concrete gives your driveways, patios, pool decks, or walkways a unique look.

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The benefits of stamped concrete in Savannah

Stamped concrete is uniform in color. It has been tinted before being poured. This is why you should choose stamped concrete for your next project. Concrete surfaces such as driveways, patios, sidewalks, walkways, and pool decks can all be given a new look with decorative concrete (aka stamped cement). You have endless customization possibilities. Stamped cement can instantly increase your investment’s value. Concrete can be used to make cheaper surfaces than bricks, pavers, or natural stones. Concrete is very durable and does not require any maintenance. Concrete requires very little maintenance and is extremely durable. Installation is quick and easy. The final product is durable and economical. Your project will be completed in less time.

What is the Process for Stamped Concrete?

Step 1

The foundation is the most important thing. Planning and preparation are the foundations of any construction project. You should always take note of the surrounding environment. This includes grout lines in repetitive patterns like brick, cobblestone, and running bond.

The area should be stamped in such a way that the long lines of the pattern are perpendicular to its length. The process involves making sure that the site is ready and able to be worked on. Professionals will be able do their job easily if they have everything ready.

Step 2

Next, you will need to prepare the concrete. You can follow the standard procedures using a concrete base and sub-grade that meet the local specifications.

You can use a normal or slow-setting water-reducing admixture. However, admixtures should not contain Calcium Chloride. Non-chloride accelerators, as well as air-retaining admixtures, can still be used. For recommendations on the right type and quantity of admixture, consult the manufacturer.

Step 3

To color the slab, you can use liquid color in the ready-mix truck. This will combine the color with the mix before pouring. Color hardener powder can be applied directly to freshly poured concrete surfaces. You can reach the concrete slab’s top 1/8″ by using a color hardener.

Step 4

Without a release agent, texture mats won’t work. This powder is specially formulated to prevent mats from sticking to the concrete. The average weight of the material is 3.5 lbs. A 100-square-foot area of the material will require 3.5 lbs. The release agent should be used as the slab approaches its maximum texturing point.

Step 5

It is not necessary for concrete to be pressed into the texture with great force. It is important to start work immediately after the texturing has begun. Also, you should inspect the area regularly so that any necessary touch-ups can be done as quickly as possible.

Step 6

A clear enhancer can be applied to the slab after it has dried completely. One gallon covers about 200 square feet. To avoid undesirable lines, a light coat should only be applied in one direction. A second coat should always be applied in the perpendicular direction.

Decorative Concrete Flooring

Decorative concrete flooring can be a great choice for green home improvements. You don’t need to buy and install new carpets or hardwood. Decorative concrete flooring is a great option.

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