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Can I Pour New Concrete Over Old?

There are some reasons not to pour new concrete over existing concrete. Adding concrete over existing concrete creates tripping hazards and raises it above the level of the driveway. To solve this problem, you can install ramps. If you are concerned about the height of the new concrete, you must first do bonding before pouring it over the old one. Otherwise, the new one may develop cracks. For this reason, it is a good idea to check the base of the old concrete and pour it at least two inches deep.

What if The Existing Concrete is Damaged?

However, if the existing concrete is severely damaged, you should first remove it and replace it with new concrete. The damage may be extensive and cover several levels. It might also be caused by tree roots. If you do decide to pour new concrete over the existing concrete, make sure to clean the old one first and apply the proper bonding agent to prevent cracks. Then, follow up with proper curing. In most cases, it is a better idea to pour new concrete over old than to replace it completely.

If you are planning on pouring over existing concrete, make sure to follow the user manual that came with the concrete mix. It is important to follow the directions carefully, as there are a few things you must consider. Once you have marked out the area, pour the concrete mixture and ensure that it is distributed evenly. Make sure that you spread the concrete evenly and compact the mix properly. Then, you can add curing compound to the concrete. This helps preserve the moisture of the concrete.

Why is Not Always the Best Option

While pouring new concrete over existing concrete is an excellent way to extend the life of a slab, it’s not always the best option. Old concrete may have a lot of cracks and is already uneven. A better solution would be to repair the existing concrete and raise it to the level of the previous one. If you have stairs and doors in the area, make sure to raise the level to avoid putting new concrete over old.

There are a few different ways to use existing concrete. In most cases, it’s possible to use the existing slab as a thin layer. If the slab is thick, however, you can add rebar to make it more durable. When pouring new concrete over old concrete, remember to make crack control joints that are similar to those for new slabs. The crack control joints should be close to one another and run through the entire depth of the concrete.


Regardless of the method you decide to use, you should thoroughly clean the existing concrete slab before pouring the new concrete. This is because impurities on the old concrete can interfere with the process of pouring new concrete. Regular sweeping and hosing with a garden hose is not enough. To achieve a thorough cleaning, you should use high-pressure washing, pool acid, or pool detergent. This step is especially important if you have floor coverings on the existing concrete slab.

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